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    Hello everyone and welcome to my Air Fryer site. I joined the Air Force many, many years ago and my primary duty has always been a cook. We did our best to make the food taste not only delicious, but also healthy for the troops.

    That feat in it of itself is a difficult task when cooking for a large quality of personnel and we didn’t always hit the mark. There is an overweight crisis in the country and it has filtered over into the armed forces.

    At the very least, I wish to do my part to help people change their eating habits or at least give them the option to cook the same foods they so enjoy, just using a different method. Will you finally make the decision to change your life into a much healthier eating style?

    Changing The Dynamics

    If you have even the tiniest amount of cooking skills, chances are you’ve used cooking oil in some form or fashion. Some of us, myself included, would even reuse the same grease even after we were done cooking. When I was a kid, my mom told me not to use the grease sitting on the stove because she needs to use it again in a few days.

    It’s mind boggling when you think about. We just left a large vat of cooking oil on the stove for days on end and then used it again to fry chicken and various other products. Looking back, and dealing with a number of public health inspections while in the military, I can safely say, that was probably a bad move on my mother’s part. In her defense, she was a young mother with plenty of kids and trying to figure things out.

    She always said she couldn’t cook, but as kid, I thought she was the best chef in the world. When I learned how to cook myself, I understood what she meant. Anybody can make frozen vegetables, burgers and hot dogs. I still love you mom

    Ditching The Grease

    You no longer need to use cooking oil for your meals. Whether you are beginner or a world-class chef, the Air Fryer is a game changer. You no longer need get a pan of oil ready, nor do you need to add flour to your fried chicken. Just season your food, or not, depending on your palette, throw it in your brand new Air Fryer and prepare to taste a beautiful meal without grease for the first time. You will not be disappointed.

    If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

    All the best,



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