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    Air Fryer Recipe for Spicy Chicken

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    Spicy Chicken

    Good day everyone! Today, we’re going to try another one of those air fryer chicken recipes. Would you like to try your hand at making spicy chicken wings in your brand new air fryer?

    Here’s a list of ingredients:

    2 Cups of Italian Dressing

    1/4 Cup Worcestershire Sauce

    3/4 Cup hot sauce

    12 – 16 wings/drumsticks depending on the size of your air fryer. I recommend one of the larger air fryers if you plan on doing a lot of cooking.

    Step 1

    Always make sure to defrost your chicken. You can do this a day prior or the same day. If I know I’m going to be cooking chicken when I get off work, I don’t open the bag it comes in, but I throw it in a sink full of cold water. It mostly defrosts by the time I come home. If you want to defrost your chicken quickly, DO NOT USE HOT WATER.

    Don’t do this for any of your foods, you may not be aware, but if you’re running any of your food in hot water, you are actively cooking it without even knowing it.

    I remember I was in an air force kitchen and a co-worker wanted to get the frozen bacon in the oven as soon as possible. He started running the bacon in extremely hot water and the bacon began to turn brown almost instantly. It was eventually ruined and we couldn’t use it.

    Now, I personally don’t like to use the “defrost” mode in the microwave, but it’s possible to defrost small pieces of chicken within 30 minutes. Make sure it’s in a sink full of water with a constant stream of cold water running over it. Its bad practice to have chicken sit in dead water so make sure there’s a constant flow if you can.

    Step 2

    You don’t have to worry about using flour or any type of breading, that’s what makes these air fryer chicken recipes amazing! It also reduces cleanup time. You have two options at this point, with the ingredients I mentioned above, you can mix all of them in a Ziploc bag, throw your chicken inside and marinate overnight.

    If you’re like me and you want your food NOW, you can marinate for a couple of hours, or for a few minutes. Not marinating overnight will take some flavor away though since you didn’t allow the ingredients to be absorbed. It’ll still be good, just not perfect.

    Make sure to adjust the recipe to your liking, it’s possible that the chicken may not be as spicy as you want, so depending on your taste buds, you may need to add more hot sauce, or any of the other ingredients.

    Step 3

    As I said above, if you’re going to get an air fryer, you might as well go big, especially if you plan on making many meals or if you have huge family. This will make it a lot easier, and you’ll be able to use your air fryer in conjunction with your conventional oven. It can be useful for pot lucks, family reunions, Thanksgiving, etc, but I digress.

    Preheat your air fryer to 400 degrees for about 5 minutes. Once it’s reached the desired heat, cook your chicken at that temperature for 18 – 20 minutes and then check on them. THE CHICKEN ISN’T READY YET! Do not take them out of the basket.

    This makes me think of a time when I went into a restaurant and ordered some wings when I was in Germany. They put these wings on a conveyor belt and they were ready in about 5 minutes. Granted, the wings were technically already cooked, just frozen, but I told them to run my wings through the machine again. I don’t know if I was because I’m a cook, but there’s no way I was going to believe those wings were ready that quickly.

    Anyway, shake the basket up a bit, reduce the heat to about 325 and cook for an additional 15 minutes.

    Step 4


    Whenever I make wings, I like to have celery stalks with ranch so it feels like I’m at a restaurant. You can mix and match with whatever starches and vegetables you wish.

    If you enjoyed this recipe or even if you didn’t enjoy it, please leave me a comment at the bottom and let me know why you did or didn’t like it and possibly any advice on improvements.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my air fryer chicken recipes for spicy chicken, have a great day!


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    1. Steven L

      I have been thinking about buying an air fryer for a while now, but haven’t done it. I really like the idea of less grease in my food and I absolutely love spicy chicken recipes. Do you recommend a specific hot sauce, or will any do the job? Italian dressing is one of my favorites. I need to just order an air fryer, I really think I would use it a lot. This sounds like a super-easy way to cook healthy meals, and that is something I am always interested in.

      • admin

        Any hot sauce will do the job. I bought some hot sauce the other day and my wife said it was the “wrong” kind. My wings still turned out great!


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