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    Air Fryer Review – Soing Air Fryer Oven XL

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    Soing Air Fryer Oven XL 15 QT Family Size,8 in 1 Cooking Features,1800-Watt Programmable for Air Frying,Roasting,Reheating & Dehydrating,Digital LED Display

    Good day everyone! With this air fryer review, we’re going to be looking at the Soing Air Fryer Over XL.

    This little gem caught my eye because of its visibility when the food is cooking. Nearly all the air fryers on the market don’t allow you to see inside while the food is being prepared. If you aren’t careful with your air fryer, you could easily burn or dry out your entrees, which makes this an essential feature to have if you’re going to invest in one.

    This air fryer also has a larger capacity than the standard air fryer so you’ll also be able to cook for the whole family. Another cool feature about this product is that it rotates! The rotation function adds flavor to your turkeys and roasts as well as steak, french fries and pizza. Pizza!!? I never imagined that you could cook pizza in an air fryer. The possibilities are endless once you start using recipes or perhaps you might figure out your own?

    There are 8 pre-set menus that also come with a SOING recipe book. You may set the temperature from 170 to 400 using the digital touch screen. There are nearly 50 recipes specifically made for this air fryer and it can cook almost all types of meals.

    This air fryer is currently ranked #59 on amazon with a solid 5 star review rating. Unfortunately, it has only been reviewed by five people.

    Before you think about avoiding this product because of the low review count, keep in mind that all appliances had to start somewhere. They don’t just come off the shelf with over 1000 reviews off the bat. The market is beginning to get saturated and this beauty might get forgotten. It’s a great product with a great design so do yourself a favor and give it a chance.

    Wrapping it Up

    Thank you for taking the time to experience a quick look at my air fryer review, be sure to explore the site and get some more knowledge on air fryers.

    Make sure to leave a comment on what you liked or didn’t like about any areas of my site and I’ll be sure to work on them, thanks





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