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    Air Fryer vs Deep Fyers – Fight Night

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    FIGHT NIGHT! Air Fryers vs Deep Fryers

    Hello again!

    It’s time for the titans to go head-to-head! We all know the current champion, but is it time for a newcomer to take the reins? In the red corner, you have our current reigning champion; “Deep Fryer”. You may be unaware, but deep frying has been around for centuries. However, deep frying, using technology, can be traced as far back as 1860. Will the champion maintain the throne, or will this young challenger prove to be too much?

    In the blue corner, you have our challenger; Air Fryer! The air fryer is a fairly new concept. It has been around since 2010 and was invented and manufactured by the Philips company. Will the Air Fryer to remove our champ who has been sitting on the throne for 159 years?

    OK, we’re gonna have a clean fight, this is how it will go. I’ll put out the pros and cons down for each appliance. Whoever has more pros at the end, wins. Good luck to both of you. READY….FIGHT!

    Air Fryer vs Deep Fryers

    Round 1 = Deep Fryers

    Pro = Taste = I hate to admit it, but it is sometimes hard to compete with all that delicious grease. Air fryer foods taste good, but the deep fryer will stay on top when it comes to taste. (Air Fryer takes a shot to the ribs but quickly recovers)

    Con = Grease = Deep fryers may taste better after cooking, but you will also consume a large amount of grease. Are you sure you want to put that in your body? (Air Fryer dodges jabs)

    Pro = Fast when the grease is already hot = When I worked in the kitchen, the deep fryer could make a lot of food fairly quickly. Don’t get me wrong, the air fryer is fast as well, but it can’t compete with the air fryer if it’s in top condition. (Air Fryer is hit by surprise hay maker…stumbles)

    Con = Messy = The grease again. Why are we still cooking with grease? Not to mention it is extremely difficult to clean. If you have to clean grease, you have to make sure not to pour it down the sink or you risk environmental issues. You will need also need a specific cloth that is dedicated to cleaning the grease or you’re going to need to buy more dish towels. (Air Fryer unleashes a 6 hit combo, causing the Deep Fryer to fall back into the ropes. Deep Fryer escapes the ropes and pushes Air Fryer back to the blue corner. They stare each other down)

    Air Fryer vs Deep Fryers

    Round 1 = Air Fryers

    Pro = Grease = The air fryer does not have grease, making it a lot easier to work with. In the long run it will save you money since you will avoid buying oil. Oil can be used, but sparingly and is completely unnecessary.

    (OUCH! Looks like the deep fryer got a nice cut to the chin from the new contender!)

    Con = Food may burn easily = When cooking with the air fryer, it is important to keep an eye on your food. If you’re using temperatures of 300 and 400 degrees, it’s possible that you’ll lose your entire meal in a matter of minutes. Make sure to pay attention and do your research before moving to advanced foods. (Air Fryer swings and misses, Deep Fryer comes back with a flurry of combos, making Air Fryer lose balance!)

    Pro = Easy Cleanup = While Deep Fryers are very messy, Air Fryers are fairly easy to clean. Some even come with removable, dishwasher safe components. The odds of you having to clean up grease on your kitchen counter is almost non-existent. (Deep Fryer swings at Air Fryer as it stumbles to get up. Air Fryer quickly dodges and ends up behind Deep Fryer. Deep Fryer turns around and is met with a flurry of jabs to the faces. The champion is stumbling. Air Fryer attempts a hay maker but Deep Fryer blocks. The appliances both recover)

    Con = Tiny meals = Let’s be honest. Air Fryers are very small and will be difficult to use for a large family. It’s possible that more than one may need to be purchased and if it’s a large family, they probably have some financial concerns. The only other option is that the family makes their own individual meals at different times. (Deep Fryer comes at Air Fryer with full fury, unleashing mixed combos. Air Fryer can’t block. Deep Fryer finishes off the combo with an uppercut. Air Fryer begins to fall to the ground as the bell rings. DING! DING! DING! DING! DING!)

    Air Fryer vs Deep Fryers

    Round 2 = Deep Fryers

    Pro = Tender Meals = With deep fryers you can have more tender meals (Deep Fryer hits Air Fryer with a light jab)

    Con = Dangerous = Deep Fryers are extremely dangerous to newbies and experienced chefs. I’ve seen plenty of people get hurt in the kitchen because they weren’t paying attention or they were paying attention and still got hit with some splashes of hot grease. A huge danger is water filled foods, potatoes is a scary one if you’re not experienced. (Air Fryer hits Deep Fryer

    HARD! A few pieces of equipment fly off!)

    Pro = Longevity = The Deep Fryer has been around for a long time and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. (Swings a weak jab at Air Fryer and misses. Is the Champ running out of steam?)

    Con = Unhealthy = Fried foods are bad enough, but deep-fried foods are extremely unhealthy. You would be better off using an air fryer if you cook a lot of fried foods at home. Also, you can put a small amount of oil on food before putting them in the air fryer and you’ll end up having nearly the same taste anyway. (Air Fryer throws a series of unblock able blows to the stomach. Deep Fryer coughs up some grease)

    Air Fryer vs Deep Fryers

    Round 2 = Air Fryers

    Pro = Healthy = With the ability to cook various foods without the need of oil in any capacity, the air fryer clearly dominates in this area. (Deep Fryer recovers and continues to block the Air Fryer’s flurry of punches. Air Fryer sees an opening and knocks another piece of equipment off!)

    Con = Danger of food drying out = You have to make sure you’re paying attention when using an air fryer. With oil, you have a little of a luxury, because it will help flavor the food and keep it moist. With the lack of oil your food could dry out relatively quickly if you aren’t paying attention. (Deep Fryer comes back and throws some blows. Air Fryer is clearly shocked. Air Fryer dodges a bait punch only to have it’s dishwasher safe top removed! This fight isn’t over ladies and gents!)

    Pro = Less Electricity = A conventional oven usually heats up the entire kitchen and sometimes feels like the AC is broken or you’ve been working in the fields. Air Fryers do not take a lot of electricity, which helps with electric bills and helps a cook maintain comfort in the kitchen. (Air Fryer throws a blow into the Deep Fryer’s stomach. Deep Fryer Stumbles back, but maintains readiness.

    Con = No Con Available = (Air Fryer throws multiple blows to the face Deep Fryer is having trouble maintaining control! The Deep Fryer has had no competition for over 100 years and is actually thankful to hear the bell ring. DING DING DING!)

    Air Fryer vs Deep Fryers

    Round 3 = Deep Fryers

    Both appliances get their water and rest and get back into the ring. Something is amiss and everyone can sense it. Everything is about to change.

    Pro = No Pro Available = (Deep Fryer sends a series of combos that have worked for over 100 years and Air Fryer dodges relentlessly. Deep Fryer can’t get a hit in!)

    Con = Not really efficient for home use = Deep Fryers are OK for businesses such as fast food places and restraints, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to own one in the home. Sure, you could buy one, but the odds of you using it is often slim to nil. It may be used a few times a year and I’m being generous. (The Air Fryer is on FIRE!! Air Fryer blocks all the blows and administer’s a new brand of justice only 10 years in the making! In it’s 159 year existence, it has never seen combinations like these form. It’s baffled…and confused. As it tries to process these new fighting techniques, it’s met with a blow that sends it spiraling to the ground! The Deep Fryer has been knocked down for the first time in history! The crowd is going wild.)

    Pro = No Pro Available = (1…2…3…..The ref pushes the Air Fryer back. The Deep Fryer slowly recovers and the ref restarts the fight. The Deep Fryer is suddenly met with unblock-able able uppercut, sending it spiraling into the corner.)

    Con = No Con Available = (Air Fryer Comes at Deep Fryer with a series of punches that is quickly blocked)

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    Air Fryer vs Deep Fryers

    Round 3 = Air Fryers

    Pro = Compact = The Air Fryer is easily moved from one place to another. It is perfect for large parties and small get togethers. Potlucks may be the perfect fit for Air Fryers and you can even bring it with you to cook at evens vs cooking at home, bringing the food and it getting cold. (Deep Fryer is having trouble blocking the Air Fryer’s punches)

    Con = No Con Available = (Deep Fryer is trapped on the ropes! It’s equipment is getting damaged all over. Repair crews on the side of the ring but they’re hoping they don’t have to throw in the towel)

    Pro = Pricing = Air Fryers make economic sense. Many aren’t priced too high, but you still save money in the long run in different areas; not having to buy oil, less power being drained, so a lower electricity bill and easier cleanup so certain supplies may not need to be bought. (Deep Fryer pushes Air Fryer off of it and the pair end up back in the middle of the ring. It hobbles as it tries to maintain balance.)

    Con = No Con Available = (The Deep Fryer knows it has to win now, or it’s all over. Deep Fryer throws a jab to the ribs which surprises Air Fryer. In it’s mind it’s thinking; not again. Deep Fryer begins it’s combo and so does Air Fryer. They are both performing their combos simultaneously with no signs of slowing down. Deep Fryer is putting it’s into this bout but so is Air Fryer. Can this old hat stand up to the new generation? They both continue their flawless combos until Air Fryer see’s and opening. Deep Fryer hadn’t had to fight this hard in a century and it’s honed skills were deteriorating. Air Fryer breaks through Deep Fryer’s defenses and unleashes a fury never before seen in the ring. Deep Fryer is backing up and can no longer maintain balance. At that moment, Air Fryer decides to finish with an upper-cut. Deep Fryer is launched from the ground and slams back on the mat as it’s baskets fly out and oil spill from the machine… Silence 1…2. 6… …9 10!!


    When the Deep Fryer recovers, it walks over the Air Fryer and congradulates it on it’s victory.  Deep Fryer shakes hands promises to return.

    Thank you for sticking around to listen to my silly story. I hope you had as much fun reading it as I did writing it

    – Ibrahim

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    1. Erick Darke

      Very animated play by play color commentary here. The big advantage for the Air Fryer is that we are living in a health conscious society and alot of people do not want much to do with fats that can derail your health and get you sick in the process.

    2. Aly

      While a deep fryer may provide a tasty, fast meal, I am hesitant to try that approach in my home. Many years ago, my grandad would use a big fryer for his fresh shrimp catch… but he would set up the deep fryer outside on a big patio! As much as I’d personally love to recreate the amazing fried shrimp he would make, I must admit that it’s too much of a hassle to deal with the all the leftover grease and large equipment. Thanks for this side by side comparison of deep fryers verus air fryers!

      • admin

        I used to want a grease fryer but the cleanup would be insane.  There really is no logical reason to own one inside a family home in my opinion

    3. Fran

      I loved the way you turned some boring facts into a story that held my interest.  That is an excellent way to write a review!

      The air fryer sounds like an excellent product, and I would like to give it a try.  I eat too many greasy foods, and could certainly benefit from this healthier way of cooking.  I notice that you did not put any prices in the article, so it’s necessary to click on the item to find the price.  Actually, would you be willing to put in a price comparison between the air fryer and the deep fat fryer right on your site?  It might make it easier to make a decision.

      The one thing that bothered me about the air fryer was that it did not hold much.  For an average-sized family of four, would you have to use more than one of them to cook your meal?

      • admin

        For your first question, as an amazon affiliate, I cannot provide prices of air fryers on my site, which will make me lose my status, that is something they frown upon because their prices are constantly changing and they want the data to be accurate.

        There are bigger air fryers out there.  I just wrote a review about cooking an entire chicken in an air fryer.  You want 5.7 Qts or higher for a whole chicken.  Please take a look at this review and click on the air fryer picture as well.

        If you have a bigger air fryer, you won’t need to have two, just make sure the size is right for your family


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