Can You Open Your Air Fryer While Cooking

Can You Open Your Air Fryer While Cooking

To cook excellent food, that is tasty and appealing to the eyes requires you to be actively involved in the process. You have to stir, taste, and keep checking on your food’s progress. You may think this is a slow process and decide to buy an air fryer for faster cooking. Depending on the type of air fryer you buy, you don’t know whether it is safe to open it and check on your cooking food.

Can You Open Your Air Fryer While Cooking

Yes, it is. Except you can only open the air fryer whose basket you can pull out. Not the air fryer that closes with a lid on the top.

These two air fryers are slightly different. The air fryer with a lid does more in the kitchen than just air frying. You can use it as your toaster and many other things depending on its manufacturer. The air fryer we can easily pull the basket out is wholly an air fryer.

Why You Should Open Your Air Fryer While Cooking

As already mentioned, cooking is an active process whether you use an air fryer or traditional cooking methods. Concentration on the process is necessary to make sure you have your expected outcome in terms of taste and visual appeal.

When cooking with an air fryer, the process is the same. You will need to keep checking on your food regularly. An air fryer cooks fast, though. Thus, if you don’t check on your food, you find that one side is fully cooked while the other is not.

Air fryers with a lid have a see-through lid to help you check on the progress of your food.

You also need to pull out your air fryer basket to check whether you need to shake your food basket. This helps to make sure that all the food in the basket has enough oil to cook and that there is enough space in the basket for the food to cook properly.

Usually, the baskets in the air fryer are small. This means that you have to cook in batches of small portions at a time. Open your air fryer regularly to check whether you have the right portions on your basket. Excess food in the basket means that you will cook longer or throw away food that is not properly cooked.

Is It Safe To Open Your Air Fryer While Cooking?

Air fryers cook using heat. A lot of heat. Air fryers have a fan on the bottom. This fan spins around faster to spread the heat evenly in the food basket above it to cook the food in it. So, anytime you open up your air fryer, remember, there’s a risk of getting burned by escaping hot air.

The air fryer with a basket to pull out is safe to open and check your food. The air fryer will shut down for a while as you pull out the food basket. You are not at risk of burns from escaping heat when checking your food with this air fryer.

On the other hand, the air fryer with a lid isn’t safe to open to check on the progress of your cooking. It has a see-through lid through which you can check how your food is cooking.

Opening this air fryer causes all the heat to escape. Putting you at the risk of burning your hand or face. Another reason you can’t open it is that it will have to restart heating once the already built up heat escapes. Consuming more energy and wasting a lot of cooking time.

Further, not regularly checking on your air fryer means that you are putting yourself at risk of causing a fire in your home. Check your air fryer for smoke. Black smoke may mean that your food is burning and you need to take it out before it burns the house.

You may also see white smoke rising from your air fryer. This means that your food may have excess oil. This is a fire hazard in your home. To cool things down, add a few teaspoons of cold water.

The air fryer is generally safe to use. It requires you to actively participate in cooking and not to leave it unattended.

Factors To Consider When Using An Air Fryer

Food cooks fast in your air fryer. This is a major reason why air fryers have become popular. However, you will need to cook your food in batches as the baskets hold only small amounts of food. Most air fryer baskets hold food that is barely enough for two adults. If you are cooking for more people, you will need more time to cook. Do not overcrowd your basket for the best results.

Also, don’t expect any leftovers when you cook with it.

Use very little oil. Cooking with an air fryer requires little amounts of oil than one is used to. Excess oil goes under the grate which can cause smoke and fire. Add only a drop of oil if you need to. That it uses little oil is another plus for the air fryer. Cooking with it ensures that you can eat tastier and healthier meals.

When cooking with an air fryer, use wooden or plastic utensils such as spoons and tongs. Metal utensils graze the non-stick material on the air fryer’s basket. This causes your air fryer basket to start peeling. It may also cause food to stick on the cooking basket.

The air fryer can be used for more than just deep-frying potato fries and chicken. You can use it to cook your own recipes for any type of food. You can use it to cook frozen vegetables into crispy, healthy, and tasty food. If you have leftovers to reheat, the air fryer is your best solution. It will heat your leftovers to perfection and you will not have to throw them out for being too soggy.

How To Best Use An Air Fryer

  1. Preheat it. Make sure to preheat your air fryer for about ten minutes. This ensures that your food starts cooking immediately. Preventing it from becoming a soggy mess as it waits for the temperature to rise if you add it without preheating.
  2. Clean the air fryer after every use. This is the one maintenance tip that is ignored by many. Cleaning ensures that the fryer is ready for the next time you use it. This saves you a lot of preparation time. It also ensures that all the excess oil and smells of food are eliminated from the fryer.
  3. When cooking, make sure your air fryer is at least five inches away from the wall and has space on all its sides. The air fryer needs this space to allow for cool air to pass through it for ventilation. Proper ventilation allows your cook properly and reduces the risk of the fryer causing a fire.
  4. When in use, make sure your air fryer is on a flat, heat resistant surface. Also, never use it on a stove.
  5. Experiment with the various types of food you can cook with it. Do not stick only to the fried chicken. Try to bake with your air fryer and to cook frozen vegetables.


While using an air fryer, it is important to check on the food regularly. Open your air fryer, remove the basket from the fryer, then shake and stir the food to make sure that it cooks and is exposed to heat evenly.

Do not leave your fryer unattended lest you burn your food and your house. Always remember that an air fryer cooks fast and in small batches. Do not overload your basket for the best cooking experience.

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