Can You Use An Air Fryer To Dehydrate

Can You Use An Air Fryer To Dehydrate

Dehydrating the food significantly reduces the moisture within your food, enabling it to last longer without compromising on the taste. In fact, dehydration can reduce the moisture content of food between 5% and 20%. Moreover, there are different methods you can use to dehydrate your food, including air frying. How does that work? In this article, we explore the potentials of air fryers in dehydrating your food.

Can You Use An Air Fryer To Dehydrate?

A direct answer to this question is yes; you can use an air fryer to dehydrate your food. An air fryer is a versatile kitchen appliance and is great for dehydrating food. So with an air fryer, you can save money, which you may have to spend on buying a dehydrator.

This is among the latest features that manufacturers offer with this appliance. In this setting, the air fryer blows warm air over the food in order to dehydrate it instead of cooking it. This not only makes the food last longer but it also great for people who wish to consume oil-free food.

Furthermore, the space inside the air fryer is big enough to dehydrate food for your family. And the fact that it is considerably less expensive in comparison to standard dehydrators.

Difference Between Air Fryer And Dehydrator

Here are some prominent differences between dehydrator and air fryer:


When it comes to dehydrators, the machine has multiple trays where you can store the food for dehydration. Subsequently, when you power on the machine, the fan inside generates airflow within the device. An air fryer, on the other hand, uses hot air to cook and dehydrate the food.


The air fryer can dehydrate the food within minutes due to the fast circulation of hot air. However, in a dehydrator, you have to wait for hours to get your food ready.


When it comes to storage capacity, dehydrators have the lead. This is because this machine comes with several layers, allowing you to store more food inside it. On the other hand, food storage is limited in the air fryer. So if you have a large family to feed, you might have to dehydrate the food in multiple batches.

How To Dehydrate Food Using An Air Fryer?

To dehydrate your food without cooking it, you will need to adjust the temperature of the fryer too much lower than what you generally use it at. When dehydrating, your temperature should never go above 200-degree Fahrenheit. In fact, you should try to keep the temperature between 125-degree to 150-degree Fahrenheit in most cases.

Moreover, another important thing to consider is the size of the food that you are planning to dehydrate. The idea is to get maximum moisture out of the food in order to make it crispy. When you slice the food with a knife, chances are they are going to come up unevenly unless you have mastered the art of knives and precision. So, it is better to use a slicing tool to get perfectly even slices every time.

Moreover, your slices will be thin enough to dehydrate easily and get crispy. But no matter how thin you cut the slices, make sure you do not stack them on top of each other. Place them next to each other, ensuring that they do not overlap or touch in order to dehydrate properly. Furthermore, cooking times also vary based on the type of food you are dehydrating.

Benefits Of Dehydrating Food

Following are some of the prominent benefits of dehydrating food:

Ideal For Plant-Based Diets

You will come across tons of plant-based recipes that are centered on dehydrating the food, such as raw bread, fruit snacks, crackers, etc. Just research dehydrator recipes; you will come across a plethora of recipes. So you will be able to try something new every day.

Healthier And More Nutritious Food

Dehydrating food means that you take most of the moisture out of the food while retaining its minerals, vitamins, and all the natural enzymes. This method is significantly better than many other types of cooking and food preservation methods. Moreover, according to researchers, dried food such as grapes, plum, and cranberries contain double the amount of antioxidants in comparison to fresh versions. Therefore, rather than relying on packaged foods, an air fryer allows you to make a delicious and healthy snack easily at home.

Making Food Last Longer

The dehydrator takes the moisture content out of the food, making it last longer. Therefore, you can dehydrate the food that is not available all year round and enjoy it whenever you want. This is important in today’s time, where we are relying more on chemically altered and packaged food that contains little nutritive value.

No Worry For Chemicals

When the food is dehydrated, you are not adding anything extra or removing valuable components. Therefore, you do not have to worry about adding extra chemicals or ingredients that can impact its overall value. Moreover, home-dehydrated veggies and fruits tend to last for a month, at times, even an entire year.

Easy Way To Store And Preserve

Firstly, when you remove the moisture from the food, you hinder bacterial growth. So the food stays preserved for a long time period. Secondly, the dehydration process shrinks the size of the food, making it easier to store more food. This is great because you will have access to healthy food in the kitchen for a long time period.

It Is A Money-Saving Investment

Who does not like saving money? Imagine purchasing a bulk product at your local grocery store or local orchard at a discounted price and dehydrating it. It will give you year round access to delicious and healthy food. Moreover, you will be making fewer trips to the grocery store for stuff and saving gas. Also, think about the number of oils, sugar, and salt you will be saving.

Making It Easier To Travel With Food

It is harder to travel with healthy fresh, healthy food, so people opt for packaged food when on the go. However, dehydrating food is a great way to stay healthy even when you are out and about. It gives you non-messy and healthy snacks that you can take on the go.

This makes it extremely easy to munch on healthy snacks when you are on a plane, a camping trip, or backpacking. Therefore, there is one less excuse for not choosing a healthy lifestyle.

Great For Emergency Situations

Uncertainties are waiting for us at every step of the way. While you cannot control the future, you can certainly be more prepared for the same. In terms of food, a dehydrator allows you to store healthy items easily. This will ensure that you always have access to healthy, preserved, and less-perishable food. Therefore, in emergency situations, you can ensure you always have food to feed your family.

Are All Air Fryers Dehydrators?

Not all air fryers come with the ability to dehydrate. Therefore, when choosing an air fryer for this purpose, check whether the selected model has a dehydration feature. It is better to get an air fryer with a dehydrator rather than investing in only a dehydrator. This is because, with an air fryer, you can roast, bake, heat dehydrates, grill, and much more. However, with a dehydrator, you will be only able to dehydrate your food, and it also costs more than an air fryer.

Can You Dry Herbs In An Air Fryer?

Yes, you can certainly use an air fryer to dry herbs using its dehydration ability. This will increase the life of the herbs, allowing you to make dried herbs at home. If you grow herbs in your kitchen, this proves to be a cost-effective way to make dried herbs and use them in different recipes.

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