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    Chefman Air Fryer Review

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    Chefman Digital 6.8 Quart Air Fryer Oven with Space Saving Flat Basket, Oil-Free Airfryer W/ 60 Min Timer & Auto Shut Off, Dishwasher Safe Parts, BPA Free, Family Size, X-Large, Black

    Good day everyone! Today we’re going to be taking a look at the Chefman Digital Air Fryer.  What caught my eye about this particular model is the size. The compartment is huge! What you really want to know however, is it worth a buy? In this chefman air fryer review, let’s find out how it stacks up in “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!”

    The Good

    Bigger Servings

    This air fryer doesn’t have the highest capacity on the market but it’s up there. Some of the so called large air fryers have a 5.8 Quart Capacity which isn’t ’t bad, but this one adds a lot of extra space with an 6.8 Quart capacity. You can feed your whole family with this device!

    Now, I’m going to be honest, you can feed your whole family with this device in a short out amount of time but it also depends on the portions you’re used to eating. Have you ever seen a bag of chips in a grocery store that said “Family Size!”? How many of you have finished that entire bag by yourself? I know I have, and I’m not a big guy.

    The capacity IS bigger than most air fryers, but depending on the size of your family and eating habits, you may not be able to cook all your food at once. Some consumers have remedied this by having THREE air fryers in their kitchen. I honestly don’t think that’s necessary, but it does help with convenience.

    In any case, the size is still pretty good regardless.


    When I first started using air fryers, it was a bad habit of mine to keep adding oil, if only a little. I can assure you that it is completely unnecessary. You can just throw all the food you would normally add oil to in the air fryer and it will still turn out delicious! Seasoning may or may not be required depending on the dish you’re preparing however.

    When you first start cooking, you might buy oil out of habit, then you’ll soon realize that you haven’t used any in weeks and it’s still in the pantry! Over time, the air fryer pays for itself by using less electricity and you no longer have to buy oil.

    Crispy Deliciousness

    The food always comes out crispy and delicious in the chefman digital air fryer! You can cook just about anything in this air fryer and the results speak for themselves. You can make frozen veggies, cheese sticks, burgers, chicken patties fish and much more! If you’re worried about overcooking, there’s a timer that automatically shuts off when the food is finished.

    Now, I won’t lie to you. You may end up burning a few items due to your lack of experience with this machine. You HAVE to get to know it and adjust times and temps based on your eating habits and preferences regardless of what cookbooks say.

    I had an argument with wife that I wanted someone else to make one of our mini frozen pizzas first because I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. I don’t know why she was so annoyed about it so I just made a frozen pizza for her. I used the standard setting that most air fryers cook on; 350 degrees 15 minutes.

    Her pizza came out looking like a hockey puck! I told her again why I wanted someone else to do it first. We now know mini pizzas are 5 minutes in an air fryer. Sometimes you have to learn the hard way.

    What I’m saying is that air fryers are a relatively new concept and it’s quickly becoming as common as the microwave. Make sure you practice with a bit on simple items before you moved to anything more advanced.

    1- Year Warranty

    I believe it was my last review where put the warranty of an air fryer in the “Bad” category. The main reason was because it had a 60-day warranty. That’s a huge red flag for me. Most items nowadays come with at least a 1-2 year manufacturer’s warranty. 60 days makes me think that the manufacturers themselves have no faith in their own product.

    The fact that the chefman digital air fryer has a year warranty, gives me a little reassurance. This device isn’t particularly expensive, but I wouldn’t call it cheap either so a warranty is, well…warranted.

    This makes think that the company believes in their product and will work hard to resolve any major issues.

    Easy Clean/Dishwasher Safe

    I could be wrong, but I don’t think anyone wants to spend tons of their time cleaning. For that matter, I seriously doubt anyone wants to have to clean hard to reach spaces as well.  With that being said, the air fryer basket is detachable and you can just throw it in the dishwasher.

    I personally like to just clean the basket myself because it takes less than two minutes but my nephew always throws it in the dishwasher. To each his own I guess.


    It’s that time again. With the good of every appliance, there’s always a downside. What horrors has this device committed that consumers have been enraged about? Let’s find out the bad and the ugly features in the rest of this chefman air fryer review. 

      The Bad

      Cheap Handle

      One of the main complaints of the chefman digital air fryer from consumers is that the handle of the basket is very cheap. In some cases, the handle broke off entirely. When you buy this product, make sure you start using it right away so you can identify any issues.

      One consumer complained that they couldn’t use the warranty because it expired. That means this person waited almost a year before testing out any main functions and finding flaws which would have helped their case.

      Some of these handles do come cheap, so it’s up to you as a consumer if you’re going to take the risk.

      Plastic Smell

      I’m trying to stay unbiased, but this complaint is on nearly EVERY air fryer I review! Is no one washing these things before they use them!? Please wash your air fryer basket BEFORE you put any food in it. I’ve been a cook for almost 20 years, and this is basic food handlers training.

      I just saw an article saying something about not having to wash your chicken. DO NOT LISTEN TO THAT ARTICLE!!!  Wash your chicken!!! However, make sure you don’t leave it in standing water, there needs to be a constant flow, I think this is a mistake a lot of people make.

      But I digress, if you wash the basket before you cook anything, there shouldn’t be a plastic smell. If there is, it will go away eventually.

      THE UGLY

      No content available

      Wow, this is only the second time this has happened since I’ve been making good bad and ugly reviews. There isn’t anything that this machine has a major issue with. The primary complaint is the door handle breaking off on some consumers.

      I’m just as surprised as you are. With over 200 reviews on Amazon, I thought this chefman air fryer review would deliver some craziness that consumers had to deal with. Turns out, not as bad as I thought, although there are still some kinks the machine has to work on.

      Wrapping it Up

      Thank you for taking the time to read my article on the chefman digital air fryer. As an Amazon Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. If you like to make a purchase based on my review, please click the image at the top of the page.

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