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    Cuisinart Air Fryer – a quick review

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    Cuisinart AFR-25 Air Fryer, One Size, Silver

    Good day everyone! Let’s take a look at the Cuisinart air fryer. In my opinion, the design itself seems a little retro or old – fashioned, but it is a very popular machine. Literally thousands and thousands of people are searching for this particular air fryer. Why? Well, lets look at the specs.

    The Good


    First off, there are those who are impressed with the stainless steel design, not to mention that you actually see what’s going on in there when your food is cooking. Most air fryers on the market right now, even the number one best-selling air fryer, will not let you see inside. You basically just have to trust the air fryer to do what it’s supposed to do.

    This is all well and good, but people sometimes like to see their food cooking, just to make sure things are going the way they should.

    If you happen to open the door while the food is cooking, the fan will turn off. This makes me think of the safety feature microwaves have so you aren’t getting cooked when you open the door.

    As a cook, a safety tip I learned…and you can use this with just about any device similar to microwaves and ovens, make sure your face is away from the door when you open it. A bunch of steam may come out and you DO NOT want that to hit your face…IT WILL BURN YOU!

    The powerful heated airflow simulates fried foods with perfect results and the machine itself is very quiet. You won’t even realize it’s working while you move on to something else

    The stainless steel aspect makes this appliance extremely easy to clean. Most surfaces will only take seconds to be cleaned or wiped off, reducing cleaning time so you can get out of the kitchen and back to your daily life.


    With it’s compact design, you can easily place it on the surface of any kitchen counter.  It will hold up to 2.5lbs of food and can heat up to 450 degrees F.

    It also includes an air fryer basket and drip tray. A lot of these air fryers claim to be oiless, which is technically true, but for some foods, you may want to add a tiny bit of oil for flavor. I’m going to be honest, air fryers are awesome and the food tastes great, but the food doesn’t taste as good as if you fried your food on a stove top, but not by much, but, the food is healthier with an air fryer.

    There are some instances where you won’t even be able to tell the difference. We just need to try to ween our dependence on oil out of our lives eventually.

    For some reason, people seem to think that air fryers are only for potatoes, such as french, fries, chips, and vegetables. Air fryers can cook virtually anything that can be placed in it, the only issue is size. If you find the right air fryer, you can even make a whole turkey! The possibilities are quite literally endless.


    The Bad

    Operational Issues

    Apparently there are customers complaining that this particular air fryer will not shut off at certain times, and they have real trouble shutting it down. There is no interior light inside, which defeats the purpose of being able to see inside in the first place.

    There is no bottom heater, so you may have to turn your food over, but this is a feature you will have to deal with for most air fryers on the market.

    Burnt/Dry Food

    This is not uncommon with most air fryers. You have to pay attention and understand what temperature levels the food you’re cooking can take. For instance, in this particular air fryer, you may think 400F for 10 minutes might be fine, but they will probably burn. A better course of action would be to start at 275F for a few minutes and adjust as necessary.

    You just have to know your machine. I make pancakes on my stove top all the time and they come out perfectly.

    One time, I was visiting my cousin and made pancakes on his stove top at the same temperature I normally cook and I ended up burning them. The problem was because I wasn’t used to the way that oven cooked.

    Design Flaws

    Although it claims to be easy to clean, it is not. None of the items included are dishwasher safe and a person may struggle to clean it after cooking. Wiping off the outside and the trays are a cinch, but cleaning the interior after cooking a meal may be another story entirely.

    Of course, you can always use foil to compensate.

    It’s not easy to get the trays out once you’ve finished cooking. One would expect a feature that allows the trays to slide out, but it doesn’t exist.  Make sure you are wearing hot pads or oven mitts when retrieving your food or you ewill regret it.

    The Ugly


    This air fryer cooks fast and it gets hot…very hot. Make sure you do not touch the door while this machine is cooking unless you wish to change the color of your fingers in the most painful way.

    The timer sometimes sticks, which leaves the product on. This is a huge design flaw that needs to be addressed and fixed by the manufacturers as soon as possible.

    While other air fryers mention that you need to rotate your food once. There were a few users mentioning that you must rotate your food multiple times. With the fact that this air fryer cooks fast, and the outside gets very hot, the chances of you burning yourself increases exponentially.

    There are good and bad things about this product, so purchase at your own risk.

    Wrapping it Up

    Thank you for reading my review on the Cuisinart air fryer. Please click on all images for more information. If you’re thinking of an alternative, may I recommend a Philips?

    They were the first people to introduce air fryers and have had nearly a decade to work out all the kinks.


    – Ibrahim

    Philips Twin TurboStar Technology XXL Airfryer with Fat Reducer, Analog Interface, 3lb/4qt, Black – HD9630/98




    1. My Daily Pointers

      I really like your writing style.  Often reviews of products can be boring to read and I will be honest, I often skip to the end. I did not do so with yours though!

      I don’t think I would be purchasing this item though  even though I could see the healthier options it would provide compared to frying. 

      • admin

        Yeah, there are many other options out there.  Whenever you do decide to get an air fryer, please take a look at my site or any future reviews I provide before purchasing!

    2. Selenity Jade

      I haven’t yet jumped on the air fryer bandwagon because I prefer cooking like I always have. It’s a habit and I’m often resistant to change. However, I’ve been considering an air fryer for a faster cooking method when I’m rushed. That said having to rotate food multiple times and the not turning off are big flaws to me. I’ll check out your Phillips suggestion instead, thank you. 

      • admin

        Thanks for your interest!  Air Fryers cook a lot faster than the conventional oven and have changed many people’s lives.  Once you get one, you won’t regret it!

    3. roxydog1312

      Awesome article.  I really really really want an air fryer.  Thanks for helping me in my choice.   I agree with you that you need to keep your face away from the door of any appliance when you open it, for fear of the steam hitting you and burning you.  Add dishwashers to your list!  I also like how you put other air fryers on your side menu, so you can comparison shop.  And thanks for the suggestion of the Phillips brand air fryer.  I will certainly look into that.  Thanks again for some really useful information!  Rhonda

      • admin

        Thank you for your interest Rhonda!  I’m glad you enjoyed the article and YES, remember to be safe when opening appliances!

    4. Harry

      I have been looking for a high-quality air fryer for a while now and I heard about Cuisinart Air Fryer somewhere online. It’s funny because everyone stated that it’s the best air fryer available but after reading your review I understand that they most probably were after getting people to buy it.

      I’ll check out more about this Philips Twin TurboStar you suggested first thing tomorrow morning. Thanks a lot!

      • admin

        I’m glad I could help!  Make sure to click the link at the bottom of the page for more info!

    5. Glen

      We have both a NuWave and Sunpentown air dryers. I like the Sunpentown air dryer because it uses a heavy duty glass bowl so you can see the food cooking. The NuWave model comes with a number of pre-programmed food cooking setting like french fries and fish filets. But you must stop during cooking to flip some foods over. Regardless of the type of air dryer, they do get hot. So everyone should be careful. We have a counter top toaster oven and its glass door gets hot. I am not sure we would buy the Cuisainart model to replace either of the ones we have based on the cons you pointed out.

      • admin

        Someone earlier mentioned that they probably wouldn’t be interested in getting an air fryer because you have to flip the food sometimes.  That’s common with most foods, but maybe in the future it won’t be necessary, what do you think?

    6. Pentrental

      I’ve heard some good things about air fryers of late and I’ve been meaning to look into one of these further. I like that air fryers require less oil, thus making them a far healthier option. I also hear they they don’t smell as much as the traditional deep fryer. With the Cuisinart, I’m not a huge fan of the design flaws. I do really like your alternative in the Philips Twin TurboStar and I will definitely be checking it out further through your link. Thank you!

      • admin

        Thank you!  The Philips actually make really good air fryers 

    7. Jason

      For the last couple of years, everyone I know has begun to dive into these Air Fryers. While we have talked about following their lead many times, we haven’t yet pulled the trigger. Your review of the Cuisinart and recommendation for a better option in the Phillips is appreciated. Definitely going to give this move real consideration. 

    8. Henry

      Hi! I’m glad I came online and researched about Cuisinart AFR-25 Air Fryer before buying. I like it can hold up to 2.5lbs of food. Capacity is an important point for me when it comes to choosing an air fryer. But I really don’t like that you can get burnt if you touch the door while this machine is cooking.

      I’ll check this Philips you have suggested. Thanks!

      • admin

        Yeah, there are a few safety flaws that need to worked out

    9. Jordan Smith

      I got a cuisinart air fryer late last year and I love it. I do use the convection oven feature and it works for me as a second oven. I don’t have any problems whatsoever with the temperature. I also think it has a more constant temperature compared to deep fryers and not all the grease. You can spray a little oil of choice on foods when air drying if you wish. I recommend to everyone even if you are not a home cook. The convection oven can cut cooking time in half for premise entrees!

      • admin

        I like that you put out a positive comment about this air fryer.  It’s really not all bad, I just wanted to point out the facts; the good, the bad and the ugly

    10. Vanessa

      I’ve never thought about getting an Air Fryer but this one sounds dangerous! It just might be better to cook on a stove than to use this. The whole point of using the Air Fryer is for convenience right? But if one has to be rotating the food regularly, I might as well stick to cooking on the stove. I would definitely consider your recommended Air Fryer if and when I do decide to get myself one at some point.

    11. Wayne

      Hello, Ibrahim. Nice review and, you know, it seems like “Retro” styled products have been making a big comeback over the last few years so it seems that a “Retro” air frier should be part of the norm.

      You know what they say, “What had been will be again”.  Kind of like bell-bottom pants and platform shoes.

      Judging by what you have written, the bad far outweighs the good so, I don’t think I will be checking this one out or be recommending it to anyone.  I do like the design though.  Reminds me of my younger days.

      On the other recommendation?  Philips has long had a good reputation for building good quality appliances.  I’ve had a few over the years and never had issues.  Except for lack of counter space and the fact that we don’t eat that much in the way of fried food (healthier taken into consideration), I would probably opt for your alternative recommendation.


    12. TimMoto

      This items just seems more dangerous to have in the kitchen then it worth.  It seems to lack some very obvious features such as a bottom heater, trays that can be removed, a light, and a sticking timer (very dangerous as you state).  

      Seems that the Phillips is the clear winner based on your recommendation.  I am assuming that the design flaws mentioned with the Cuisinart are non-existent in the Phillips?

      Thank you for the recommendation.  I was looking for a healthy approach to cooking and will therefore go with the Phillips   as the preferred product.  

      • admin

        Yes, the Philips are a lot safer and better functioning.  Thanks for taking a look at my review 

    13. coralie

      Everyone is jumping on the air fryer bandwagon, but i have yet to try one. I love the idea of cooking things faster and healthier. I certainly cook fried food way to much. I really like the retro design of this air fryer.  The capacity seems plenty big enough and sounds overall like a pretty choice. Your review was great and it really has me thinking about getting one. Thank you and great post. 

    14. AJ

      I know nothing really about air fryers and thanks to your article. very nice review of Cuisinart air fryer. I’ll look into this much further. will check other reviews as well but will sure click on your link once I’m decided. thank you once again for the detailed cons and prons of this particular product and air fryer in general. 

    15. RoDarrick

      Wow! Very well written review of the cuisant air fryer. I must admit that you made this review very enjoyable to read for me with your unique laid out wiring. However, I’m not sure I want to buy this Cuisinart air fryer. The cons to me, outweighs the pros that this fryer possess and I can’t waste my money on something that would be of defect to me. I’m still okay with cooking on my stove for now. However, if I were to change my mind, then I will weigh my options with this. Thanks

    16. Alex

      What a great review! I’ve been shopping for an air dryer for over a year and can never decide. I’ve considering feted the actifry, but I’ve heard that the mixing arm makes many items get destroyed like chicken wings or fries, because they stick to the side. So I knew I wanted one that doesnt mix. Now I’m going to check out the Phillips. Thanks! 

    17. Polash

      Hellow Ibrahim,
      I’m glad to know such an Air Fryer. Its all the features are so amazing. I like this Ait Fryer so much. Because it cooks faster and prevents face burning. I think everyone woukd like this Air Fryer as I like. Really it’s an awesome machine and it would be a better companion to the cook.
      Thank you for your nice review.

    18. Hossen

      Hello Ibrahim,
      Writing such articles will surely promote and sell your product as you wrote so nicely with the both adventaged and disadventages. I liked that. However, the air fryer is an important thing while cooking specially when spicy foods are cooking or making them fried. Good to know about your product. It automatically stops when the door is opened. Thanks for the review.

    19. Monalisha

      Hi Ibrahim,

      A very nice review you have written about an important thing. Good to know about your cuisinart air fryer. Though it’s design looks old but it looks nice. Morover it’s capacity you have said of holding up to 2.5lbs of food and can heat up to 450 degrees F… This is amazing.

    20. Touhid

      Hi Ibrahim!

      Good to hear such review about a good product. The capacity of your product is nice. What about the price? And how long you can guarantee it to last? 

      However, I liked the way you have written. specially the safety tip to prevent our face from burn I liked the most.

      • admin

        As an Amazon Affiliate I cannot say the prices of products on my website because amazon likes their data to be accurate and the prices fluctuate. 

        However, all of my images have affiliate links and will take you directly to the prices, all you have to do is is click them! 🙂

    21. Harber

      Hi Ibrahim,

      You give an information about Cuisinart Air Fryer. It’s a useful machine for the cook. This Air Fryer I like most. Probably most of the people would want to use it in his/her cooking time. Because it saves time to cook and it can cook too much food at a time. Knowing all rhe features of this Air Fryer most of the people would want to buy this Air Fryer to you. 

      Thank you.

    22. Aly

      That is a good looking machine. The stainless steel would match the other appliances in my home and look good on the countertop… unlike the plastic air fryer that I currently have (which lives out of sight in a cabinet when not in use). The see-through window is a nice feature too. Not sure I’m crazy about the bad and the ugly points that you mention though… Thanks for pointing out those potential deal breakers of this machine!

    23. Daniel

      This is great Ibrahim, I was looking for an air fryer but never found a time to actually buy it. I can say that this thing is not for play, it is one machine that requires responsibility and caution. I am a sports guy so I enjoy preparing healthy food. In the end, it is not so expensive for my budget, thank you for sharing.

    24. Neil Brown

      Great review, I have never personally tried an air fryer but I love the option of being able to cook a healthy meal in a fraction of the time that it would take to cook otherwise. 

      It sounds like this brand of air fryer has some safety issues but I’m sure that with a little feedback the manufacturer will get these issues resolved for a better product.

    25. James

      Hi Ibrahim, thanks for the review. I like the idea of the air fryer. It sounds a healthier alternative to the microwave and quicker than the conventional cooker and healthier than the frying pan. Thanks for pointing out the good, the bad and ugly for the Cuisinart model. It sounds like if you know the design issues, there should be no problem but probably not one where there are little children in the house!

    26. Anthony Hu

      Thanks for your post. It is timely article for me. My current Fryer is about 15 year old and out of function recently. We need to purchase a new Fryer.

      I am a kind of old-fashioned and like the style of Cuisinart AFR-25 Air Fryer. The most important feather I am thinking of is the safety. It seems this model is very safe. The capacity is also fit our requirement. We are a family of four. The Fryer is enough to cook a dinner for a family of four people. Another feather I like is that the Fryer can be used to cook all kind of food so that there is no worry for us to shop what kind of food.

      It is kind of you sharing this useful tools for us.

    27. SeunJeremiah

      I’m very pleased with it and I would recommend it. My first usage was toasting an English muffin with a dab of honey and had a big grin afterwards and it was unbelievably quickly cooked. I would ask anyone to Buy it and they won’t regret it. Good job reviewing this amazing fryer.

    28. shirian

      Hi. This is really well-written honest review about Cuisinart Air Fryer. First I thought It would be a good product to buy, but once scrolled down the page, I got discouraged. because when You’ve compared  the pros and cons, one could realize that purchasing this product would not be a good choice . whereas, Philips Twin Turbo Star is much much better to purchase.
      Thank You


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