How Long To Cook Frozen Fish Fillets In Air Fryer

How Long To Cook Frozen Fish Fillets In Air Fryer

Most of us enjoy the frozen fish fillets, and what’s not to love. It is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. But deep-frying fillets mean using too much oil that can add tons of calories to your diet. But cooking this dish in the air fryer allows you to enjoy its deliciousness while cutting the use of excessive fat. Here we help you make frozen fish fillet using an air fryer.

How Long To Cook Frozen Fish Fillets In An Air Fryer?

Air frying frozen fish fillets are better than oven because hot air circulation makes the fish fillets crispy without you having to add too much oil. Additionally, there are various factors that can affect the taste and texture of frozen fish fillets in an air fryer. This is because they differ in thickness, size, and heaviness, and types; there, you will have to make adjustments in the timing. And, one of the important tips is not to avoid overcrowding the cooking basket; instead, just put an even layer of fish fillets.

Moreover, air fryers have different capabilities; for instance, some may cook faster than the others. Generally, your first batch is likely to be a test batch to determine the right temperature and timings.

So, here is a basic recipe to air fry fish fillets:

  • Place the frozen fish fillets into the frying basket. Also, ensure that you do not overlap them; instead, line them up separately over the basket.
  • Thereafter, set the temperature to 380-degree Fahrenheit or 193-degree Celsius and timer at 12 minutes. Moreover, Continue to toss the fish fillet in between the cooking to make sure the fillets are cooked through properly, and there is a crispy coating.
  • Lastly, there is no need to add oil as it will have enough oil inside.

Valuable Tips When Cooking In An Air Fryer

Cooking in an air fryer is quite easy; however, there are some things that you can do to make the most of your investment. And, below are some tips when cooking in an air fryer:

Most Of The Times, You Will Need To Add Oil To The Foods

If you are already cooking something with a high-fat content like chicken, fatty cuts of meat, ground beef, etc., then you properly do not need to put oil. On the other hand, if you are cooking something like French fries, drizzling a couple of tablespoons of oil makes the fry crispy.

Avoid Using Aerosol Spray Cans

Aerosol spray cans may result in chipping in the basket of your air fryer. This is because these cans contain harsh agents that do not mesh with most baskets and their coating. Therefore, it is better to invest in a quality oil bottle or mister.

Properly Grease The Basket

Even when you are cooking food that does not need any oil, make sure that you always grease the basket of your air fryer. So, this will ensure that the food does not get stuck at the bottom of the pan. Moreover, this will also make your cleaning process significantly easier.

Preheating At Times Is Necessary

There is no hard and fast rule regarding preheating the air fryer, but sometimes it can be helpful, especially when cooking food that takes longer to cook. Moreover, a lot of air fryers come with a preheating setting. However, if your machines do not have this setting, just turn it on at the desired temperature for around three minutes prior to placing it in your food.

Never Overcrowd The Basket With Food

If you want to ensure that your fried food is super crispy, then ensure that you do not overcrowd the basket. This is because, putting too much food in the air fryer will protect the food from browning and crisping. Therefore, you should always line your food in a single layer and cook in batches. Additionally, you can also invest in a bigger air fryer if you have a large family to feed.

Spray Your Food Halfway

So this is a tip that will make sure your food turns out crispy. When you reach halfway through the cooking process, just spray some oil in between unless you are already cooking foods that are fatty. Furthemore, if you are frying coated food, then we recommend spraying oil in the middle to get crispier results

Bread Or Water At The Bottom Helps With White Smoke

If you have added greasy food in the air fryer, then you are likely to see white smoke coming from the unit. Simply, pour a couple of tablespoons of water at the bottom of the basket. Subsequently, this will help in stopping the smoke from coming out of the unit. Moreover, people also put a slice of bread at the bottom of the machine to soak up the grease when preparing food that may release a lot of greases.

Adjust The Temperature For Specific Food

You may be tempted to crank up the fryer to a higher temperature in order to cook your food faster, but it will dry them out faster as well. Moreover, it is better to modify the temperature and time in comparison to how you would cook in an oven. Typically, you should cook 30-degrees below as well as cut the time by 20%. For instance, if you cook brownies in the oven at 350-degree Fahrenheit for 30 minutes, change that to 320-degree and 16 minutes.

Air Fryers Are Great For Reheating

You easily reheat a lot of things in the air fryer, from a roasted chicken, pizza to leftover veggies and salmon. Just make sure that the temperature is lower than what you would when you cook these things. So, in just a minute or so, the leftover food items will be crispy, and you do not have to worry about them getting bland or soggy.

Air Fryer Needs Proper Ventilation

The overheating issue that you experience with computers and laptops is also real in the case of the air fryer. This is because it also comes with a motor that needs proper ventilation. There must be at least five inches of space between the countertop and an air fryer to facilitate proper airflow. Moreover, adequate ventilation will make sure that the machine operates efficiently and mitigate the chances of fire hazards. And, when there is a proper circulation of hot air, you can ascertain that your food will cook more evenly. So always keep your device on a flat, stable, and heat-proof surface.

How Long Do You Cook Gorton’S Fish Fillets In An Air Fryer?

So, as we mentioned above, different factors can impact the temperature and timing of the fish fillet, including the type and grand of the fish fillet. Thereafter, if you are using fish fillet from Gorton’s, then you will need to follow the below steps:

  • So, start by placing your fish fillets in a single layer and avoid overlapping.
  • Thereafter, set the temperature of 400-degree Fahrenheit and timer for 9 to 11 minutes.
  • Lastly, the internal temperature of the fish should be 165-degree Fahrenheit or more.

Can Frozen Salmon Be Cooked In The Air Fryer?

Yes, you can cook salmon in an air fryer, and the process is quite easy. So, you need to preheat the air fryer at 390-degree Fahrenheit. Thereafter, place salmon fillets, skin side down in the basket in a single layer. Lastly, Cook it for 4 minutes, and your salmon is done.

How Long Do You Cook Things In An Air Fryer?

So, a lot of people get confused about the cooking times in the air fryer. But the answer to this question is quite subjective, and the temperature and time depends on a lot of factors. So you have to consider all these factors before you start cooking in the machine. Moreover, in the below chart we show how much time it takes for an air fryer to cook different food items:

Food Temperature Time
Pasta 350°F 8 minutes
Brussels Sprouts 350°F 15-18 minutes
Potato Fries 400°F 10-20 minutes
Potato Chip 360°F 15-17 minutes
Pickles 400°F 14-20 minutes
Zucchini 400°F 12 minutes
Cauliflower 400°F 10-12 minutes
Salmon 400°F 5-7 minutes
Shrimp 375°F 8 minutes
Chicken Wings 375°F 10-12 minutes
Chicken Tenders 400°F 14-16 minutes
Chicken Thighs 400°F 25 minutes
Chicken Breast 375°F 22-23 minutes
Pork chops 375°F 12-15 minutes
Steak 400°F 7-14 minutes
Meatballs 400°F 7-10 minutes
Burgers 350°F 8-10 minutes
Bacon 400°F 5-10 minutes


So, hopefully, these tips will help you get the most of your air fryer. Moreover, make sure you read the manual carefully before using the machine. This is because each manufacturer has a different using guide for the air fryer. So, it is better to stay informed than regret later.

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