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    Magic Chef Air fryer

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    Magic Chef Airfryer 2.6 Quart Compact Sized Oilless Air Fryer, Digital Control, Dishwasher Safe Basket with Recipe Book Included, MCAF26DB, Black

    Good day everyone! Today, we’re going to take a look at one of the lesser known brands. Does the Magic Chef Air Fryer stand up to the competition? in this competitive market, it might be difficult for this brand. Let’s find out how it stacks up as we go through another segment of “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”!


    The Good


    Recently, I’ve been doing reviews about air fryers that can feed a large family, but what if you want something simple and compact? The Magic Chef Air Fryer is a great gift and the perfect device for students on their way off to college. With the 2.6 quart air fryer, you can have small meals quickly.

    Because of the small size, it can be taken virtually anywhere. Maybe you just need to make something for a pot luck but don’t want it to get cold over time? Bring the air fryer other there and throw your product in, you might have the only hot food there!



    Sometimes people just want a simple device without all the bells and whistles of the name brand models. This air fryer may not have buttons for chicken, fish or streak but it doesn’t need it. I always say that you need to get to know your device so it cooks according to your liking.

    Once you get the “feel of it, you can just throw your food in the air fryer and start cooking right away! If you feel the need to change the temperature, it can be heated up to 400 degrees! Air fryers are the best thing since sliced bread, they aren’t mainstream yet but are certainly gaining traction. I wouldn’t be surprised if they become as common as the microwave in next few years.

    The simple design of the magic chef air fryer makes it easy for anyone to use, even responsible children. Just make sure they have adult supervision.


    Easy to Clean/Dishwasher Safe

    The removable air fryer basket makes it very easy to clean. If you want, you can just throw it in the dishwasher. Honestly, the cleaning is so simple that a dishwasher may not even be necessary. It may only take a few minutes to soap up the basket, scrub it and dry it out.

    These things take no time to clean at all.


    The first time I saw an air fryer was about two years ago and it was over $100. Me and my wife didn’t know exactly what it was and we were trying to figure out how a machine could fry food without oil. It was unheard-of and people are still struggling with the idea of it today.

    It may be revolutionary, but I tend to wait a bit when a new electronic product comes out. This gives the company time to work out all the kinks and wade through customer complaints to fix issues. The magic chef air fryer is priced pretty well, unfortunately, I’m unable to post exact prices but you may click on the image above for more information.

    If you’re unsure or just want the experience of one these beauties, it won’t break the bank.


    Great tasting food

    Why is it that the lesser known brands tend to work the best? CORSORI, Ninja, GoWise, Power XL and Dash are dominating but you probably never even heard of the magic chef air fryer. Granted, the market is becoming saturated and it’s gett harder for companies to compete in this field, but that’s great news for consumers like yourself. Competition is always better for the consumers because you have a wealth of options.

    The food comes out crispy and delicious!

    The Bad

    Plastic Smell

    I think people are buying air fryers and not cleaning them before use because this is a common complaint I see in almost every one I review. Generally, if you clean your device out before using it, there won’t be a plastic smell. Clean your appliances first people! Please!


    Wobbly Basket

    There’s been a minor complaint saying the basket becomes unstable and the lock mechanism doesn’t work properly. I haven’t found many other complaints about this issue from other consumers so it might be an isolated incident.


    The Ugly

    This is surprising. With so many reviews on this product, I was expecting to find more complaints about it, but they are few and far between. This device doesn’t even have 1 or 2 star ratings under it’s belt, which is very rare. I honestly don’t have any more information to pass along for the “Ugly” segment of this article.

    There are a couple bad things they may happen, but as far as ugly goes, it’s a pretty good and well built product. When they make a device so well, it makes it difficult for me to finish up my article. However, that should give you some comfort if you decide to purchase this product in the future.


    Wrapping it Up

    After writing this article, you can see that there are more positive aspects of this device than negatives. Don’t you owe it to yourself to try it out? It’s compact, simple, affordable and the food taste great! These appliances are awesome additions to any household.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my article about the magic chef air fryer. I hope you gained some knowledge and insight to help you with your decisions in the future. If you want some in depth information on other air fryers, please take a look my other articles. Just click the links below.

    If any of you own this air fryer, please provide some feedback on your performance experience in the comments. Thank you and have a great day!

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