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    Power Air Fryer Oven as Seen on TV

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    8 QT Family Sized Power Air Fryer Oven with 7 in 1 Cooking Features with Professional Dehydrator and Rotisserie

    Good day everyone! Let’s take a look at another air fryer! This one is the Power Air Fryer Oven as seen on TV and we are going to be checking out several functions of this device. Does it stand up to scrutiny? Is it worth a buy? I’ll let you be the judge and provide you with as much accurate information as possible. We are going to check, as always; “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”!

    The Good

    Great Features

    I just wrote a review about the Emeril Air Fryer and one of my disappointments was that with all of its features, it did not come with a Rotisserie Skewer.

    This air fryer comes with 10! Do you know what that means? That means that you can cook a whole chicken in this air fryer! How many air fryers on the market will let you cook a whole chicken? There are a few, but they are few and far between.

    It has 1500 Watts of Turbo Cyclonic Power with 7 One Touch Digital Pre-Sets. This means that you don’t have to adjust the air fryer based on what type of food you’re cooking. It does all the work for you so you never need to worry about what degrees you should be cooking certain items at.

    A great safety feature comes with this product as well, a digital timer with an automatic shut off. There have been a few air fryers on the market that consumers have had issues with as far them not turning off, or consumers not being able to turn them. This can sometimes make for a dangerous appliance so this is a great feature that is installed for some of you who always forget to turn the oven off when you’re done cooking.

    The super heated air quickly goes up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit making for a great air fried product! This air fryer also comes with a few cookbooks with easy to follow recipes so you can start experimenting right out of the box.


    Extra Accessories

    There are a large amounts of air fryers that come with accessories but this one comes with quite a bit, INCLUDING THE



    Speaking of Rotisserie, there is a cookbook specifically targeted towards those types of recipes included.

    These items allow you to make Pizza & Rotisserie Assembly for increased cooking capacity or cook different foods at one time.

    Large Air Fryer Basket with Detachable Basket Handle, and many more!


    Removable Glass Door

    Having a removable glass door makes for extremely easy cleaning. Having this feature gets rid of all the obstructions so you can clean up after meal without struggling to reach inside. I haven’t seen a feature like this on any of my previous reviews and I believe this is a great and much-needed feature for these types of ovens.

    Large Capacity

    Most air fryers on the market are small, compact and built for 1 – 3 people. Companies are starting to realize that patrons are now using air fryers to make large meals so they need to increase its capability as well as capacity. The power air fryer oven as seen on TV answers the call.

    I always get excited about any air fryer that can fit a whole chicken inside, It lets me know of its capabilities right out the bat. I look and see, then I think “okay, I can feed my family with this device.” Since, I have a large family, a small air fryer would not be practical, I need one that can do its job, and does it fast. This one looks like it wants to succeed where others have failed.

    You can get your roasts to cook to succulent, juicy perfection in minutes. This air fryer is so easy to use, even your kids will be able to use it. Just make sure there is some adult supervision depending on your child’s age.


    This is true with most air fryers. They are versatile and can handle a good deal of different food and the power air fryer is no exception. You want to make a pizza? You can? How about grilling something in this air fryer? That’s also possible. You can make french fries, chicken wings and as I already mentioned. Rotisserie! Play around with the cookbook and see what you love to make

    Alright, we’ve talked about some great features this product entails, but it can’t all be good can it? Well let’s take a look below/

    The Bad

    Short Life Span

    There are many complaints that this air fryer works well, but it stops…well, working at all. Some users have complained that this air fryer has worked perfectly for 10 uses and has never worked again. There is an issue that this power air fryer might have some functionality issues.

    Another complaint is that this product comes with a warranty and it stops working only a few days after the warranty expires. That could be a huge red flag for some consumers, but at the moment, it has very good reviews.


    It hasn’t happened to many customers, but this product does leak sometimes. This can cause for an irritating and messy cleanup session. Another customer complaint was that it was extremely difficult to clean with all the crumbs, but they did not mention they had removed the door. They may have been unaware of this feature.

    Cheap Plastic Outer Shell

    For such a high price, people expect to have not only a quality product, but it needs to look the part as well. When paying for such an expensive item, consumers do not want their product to look cheap, or have cheap functions. The outer shell does not live up to expectations for some consumers, others don’t have a problem with it.

    The Ugly

    Refunding Issues

    If there is a problem with this air fryer and the company asks you to ship it to them, you may be stuck paying the shipping fees which can be over $100. I would think the company would take care of the shipping fees themselves if they sold you a defective product, but I guess I was wrong. This issue may turn consumers off.

    Plastic Door Cracks

    There are issues with the door. It is removable but it is also plastic. After being used for a certain amounts of time, there is a chance that it could become cracked after so many uses. If this does happen, it is possible that the door can become useless, essentially turning your power air fryer into a very expensive paperweight.

    Error Code

    This one is very rare, but there is a chance your air fryer could get an error code. If you get an error code, you may have to return the air fryer back to the company and even if you don’t have to pay the shipping fee, it still a huge hassle nonetheless for a VERY expensive air fryer.

    Final Thoughts

    All I’ve done is offer the facts on The Good, The Bad and The Ugly for this air fryer but the decision on whether you should buy it, I’ll leave that up to you. I will say that the good reviews for this device severely outweigh the bad ones so that might be a good indicator for this air fryer. The main consensus is that it is amazing when it works, but there’s also the fear of it becoming non-operational in a short amounts of time.

    Thank you for taking the time to look at my review for the Power Air Fryer as seen on TV.

    Please click on all images for more information.

    8 QT Family Sized Power Air Fryer Oven with 7 in 1 Cooking Features with Professional Dehydrator and Rotisserie

    – Ibrahim




    1. Stella

      I never fry my food, but think this is a good review of Power Air Fryer…

      At first, on reading your review, I thought this fryer would be very robust, but on reading further you mention that some people used it only 10 times before it stopped working!  What a waste of money!

      Error messaging, made out of plastic, etc.  

      You are totally right that if something has been advertised on TV, it should be of good quality as they have paid so much for TV advertising of this fryer.

      But it isn’t…We live to learn!

    2. Gillian

      What an honest review you have shared. Am glad to read that you have discussed both the pros and the cons. I like that  the air fryer has a large capacity, imagine a whole chicken fitting into it? It’s just disappointing that this fryer has received complaints that it just stopped working. Then I guess I need to look for other air fryers that has both have a good capacity and a good quality that is worth buying for. 

    3. Eddie

      Hey Ibrahim,

      Thanks for your article. I found it very informative and well structured. I found it very easy to read through. Air Fryers are pretty cool. My co-worker had one in his office that piqued my interest. I was like “whoa”, that thing really fries? He was telling me how awesome it was. You get the benefit of having fried food at less of a health cost. I was impressed. This article really help to show some of the added costs and benefits. Is this your #1 recommended one?



      • admin

        Acutally my two reccomended air fryers would be the Corsori XL and The Philips.  The Philips company invented air fryers and has had them around since 2010.  Philips is likely the better brand 

    4. RoDarrick

      Going by the juxtaposition between the good and the bad of this 8 QT Family Sized Power Air Fryer Oven. I will say, this is actually an excellent product with unique features such as the ability to fry a full chicken. For that alone, I already have a soft spot for it. Bit the cons associated with it especially the part where it stopped working immediately after the warranty period is a big red flag, I must say. But then, just like you stated, the pros did outweighs the cons and should be worth trying out. I just hope it won’t stop working for me

      • admin

        With any product, all you can do is hope for the best.  The isses that the customers had with this company I would hope to be inly isolated incidents 

    5. Henderson

      Thank you for giving this power air fryer oven a honest review. I have read another review in the past about air fryers and all they do is cajole so we can get the product. I think it’s really good that this fryer has two good qualities. First it’s able to take enough food this means I can actually fry a full chicken and secondly the plastic glass is removable which means better cleaning. I will give this a second thought though seeing it’s downside. I still have fryer and I think I’ll stick to what I have for now even though I can’t make full chicken in it. Overall, it’s a great review here.

      • admin

        Than you.  I always strive to make my reviews as honest as possible 

    6. Nazmun Nahar


      Excellent review about Power Air Fryer Oven. The last couple of months I was looking for any power oven. So I loved our review. You pointed out everything which I was looking. After reading this review, I can decide now that this is the perfect Power Air Fryer Oven which I was looking for. Although you pointed out some disadvantages, in my view, there is a more good thing about this oven instead of the bad side. I like that this oven has a very huge capacity and it is versatile. Thanks again for this review because of helping me to choose my Power Air Fryer oven.

    7. rjkennedy

      Hi my friend. Your Power Air Fryer is unique at best. If my wife was alive,she would like to try something like that. Coming from a large family, cooking a whole chicken with all the accessories needed, is every woman’s dream. Me being a man, I don’t do to much cooking (Frozen dinners are my thing.)lol. At least, i’m eating I guess. Do you think other companies make anything close to this? It would be nice to have some competition. 

      • admin

        There are plenty of air fryers on the market.  Take a look at my air fryer review section for more info.  I love frozen dinners lol.  But they are too unhealthy to havd too many at my age.  Luckily, Im a cook so making home dinners is no problem in any capacity 

    8. R.J.

      Yo Ibrahim, awesome article review. Personally, I’ve thought getting a Power Air Fryer for some time. I like French fries and I like them to be done according to my design and wishes. The Power Air Fryer intrigues me, it’ll be good to have a fryer that I don’t have to use grease for in order to cook the meal or use a large amount of grease for a specific meal. Do you own a Power Air Fryer and if so, for how long have you owned one? Anyway, your post was awesome!

    9. Abayomi

      Excellent article,the features of the equipment is amazing,what a fair survey you have shared. Am happy to peruse that you have talked about both the professionals and the cons. I like that the air fryer has an enormous limit, envision an entire chicken fitting into it? It’s simply baffling that this fryer has gotten objections that it simply quit working. At that point I surmise I prefer to have other air fryers that has both have a good capacity and a decent quality.Thanks


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