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    T-Fal Air Fryer Review

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    T-Fal YV960151 ActiFry 2 IN 1 Multi-Cooker, Black

    Good day everyone!

    Let’s take a look at what you guys are calling the “tefal air fryer” for short. Seems a little longer, or maybe just a misspelling to me, but let’s continue on.

    This device has a pretty interesting design and it allows you cook various items at once which, is a cool feature but we’ll get to that momentarily. We’ll find out what’s so great, or what’s not so great about the tefal airfryer when we type out, the good, the bad and the ugly!

    The Good

    Meal Presets

    One of the best things about most air fryers are the presets for various types of meals, generally they involve meat such as fish, chicken, steak and others. What’s really cool about the design of this air fryer is that you can cook two very different items simultaneously and have your meal ready once it’s done.

    Greaseless/No Oil

    This is why you’re looking for an air fryer in the first place right? Most air fryers have similar features and you no longer have to worry about adding large amounts of oil to your fried chicken or any other food for that matter. The days of putting your french fries in the oven or frying them in a bunch of oil on the stove-top are nearing its end.

    Did you ever think it was possible to make fried chicken without using oil? Well, now its entirely possible! Granted, for some items, you may need to add a tiny bit of oil for flavor, but the amount is almost negligible.

    Greaseless/Oiless air fryers are now the way to go and you need to go get yourself one right now, you will not regret it!

    Two in One

    Are you by yourself and you just want chicken and vegetables? put the chicken and vegetables in the separate areas, wait for your food to cook and that’s it! It’s time for dinner! With a conventional oven you have to be careful with cooking other types of food at the same time or you risk burning the non-meat items quickly. This device completely eliminates that concern and you are free of worry.

    I’ve been a cook for almost 20 years and when you do things such as use a conventional oven, a rice cooker and a pot on the stove to make vegetables, you have to be really good at time management. The last thing you want to do is cook all of those items at the same time. Once the chicken in the conventional oven is ready, your rice and vegetables are going to be cold.

    This product helps eliminate that issue, and yes you can even make rice in an air fryer! I’ll post a recipe for that in due time. As I was saying, now you don’t have to worry about keeping track of all those items to make sure your family will all receive hot food at the same time.

    The vegetables and chicken were cooking together in this tefal air fryer and the vegetables didn’t even burn! Nice job Mom/Dad/Guardian, you did it!

    The Bad

    Not Dishwaser Safe

    Of course with every product you are going to run into a few issues. These problems may in fact be a deal breaker for some while having little to no effect on others, if you don’t mind wiping off a few food remnants once cleaning is done without a dishwasher you should be fine.

    I should mention that there are tefal air fryers that are dishwasher safe but this particular one is not.


    This is a good Air Fryer and has really good features but it is NOT cheap! Unfortunately, I can’t display the price on my website but you can click the image above for more information. If money is no issue and/or you have little to no financial worries, by all means go ahead and purchase this air fryer.

    The rest of us would probably look elsewhere, or save up to get this one.

    Content goes here.

    The Ugly

    Made in France

    I am not talking bad about or trying to take a shot at them. I’m merely pointing out the geographical issues that might occur for U.S. consumers. The fact that it’s made in France isn’t the Ugly part. There have been a few customers complaining that they needed to have certain things repaired and the manufacturer simply said to them that whatever their issue was couldn’t be fixed.

    Of course, in the manufacturer’s defense, it was probably a serious issue that rendered the machine beyond repair. The fact that the manufacturer responded, makes me think that they will at least attempt to work out any issues that may occur. The feedback for this device currently is overwhelmingly positive and If you do happen to order one, they ship from Canada, so that helps a bit as far as a faster delivery.

    Possible Short Lifespan

    As I said earlier, the consensus for this device has been overwhelming positive, but a few are complaining about a short lifespan. I haven’t been able to find any other consumers that complained about this device not lasting so those might just be isolated incidents.

    One thing that’s great about Amazon, is that they have a really good customer service program and can help resolve almost any and all issues that may arise with your product.

    Wrapping it Up

    Thank you for taking the time out of your very busy day to look at my review about the tefal air fryer. I hope you found the content, engaging, useful and informative. As always, please leave a comment below to let me know what you liked, didn’t like or something you would like to see me improve on in the comments below. Also, if there is an air fryer or an air fryer recipe you would like to provide, let me know in the comments as well.

    As an Amazon Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases.

    Please click on the image below for purchase. Your support helps my site so I can keep bringing you realistic and unbiased content, thank you.

    – Ibrahim

    T-Fal YV960151 ActiFry 2 IN 1 Multi-Cooker, Black




    1. Kohl

      Air fryers seem like such a cool product to me, if you can help the taste of a food in a more quality way, then why not! I have been interested in air fryers as of late because they seem like they would be quite a cool tool! What is your favourite benefit of air fryers? With the T-Fal one in particular. I am certainly going to look into them in the future!

    2. Dave Sweney

      This was an excellent and thorough review of the Black T-Fal YV960151 ActiFry 2 IN 1 Multi-Cooker. What a fine appliance to help lower the needless intake of extra calories by eliminating the need to use large amounts of oil or grease fo cook foods.

      I like that you can cook two types of food at one time, you do not need to use grease or oil, and it has a relatively small footprint in your kitchen. The downsides that you mention are not a large concern for me, so that leaves the price. You mention it is expensive.

      How does this air fryer compare to other similar fryers in regards to price versus features? Is there another brand that might do the same as this one that costs less? The T-Fal brand is a name I know and trust, so I would want something that would at least have the same reputation.

    3. Henry

      Wao! Love this T-Fal YV960151 ActiFry. It’s the coolest AirFryer I have read about so far. And I have been researching about AirFryers all day. 

      I appreciate your honest post mentioning the good, the bad and the ugly. You really made me LOL when I read: The ugly? Made in France, hahahaha. I did get the point when I actually read the explanation, and it indeed can constitute an issue for U.S. consumers. I’m glad they ship from Canada, making delivery a bit faster.

      Cooking two different items simultaneously has made me make up my mind for this AirFryer. Thank you very much for the review!

    4. Linda

      What I don’t like about frying pans is all the oil that stays; no mater how clean it may look or how much one will clean it. Then there is also the issue with food sticking to the pan regardless of how much oil one places. This happens with eggs when I cook. At the same time, I dislike oil! This is why I need these articles!!!

    5. coralie

      I really enjoyed your review of the T-fal air fryer. When it comes to brands T-fal is a brand that seems like they have been around a long time.  They have a good reputation and this fryer sounds like it would be a pretty good choice. I like the idea of being able to cook 2 things at once. When you are cooking a meal the hardest part is getting everything ready at the same time. This product solves that problem. 

      I have always wanted an air fryer, so maybe it’s time I got one. Great review. 

    6. Christine

      This is what I was looking for because my mum is looking for an air fryer and I’m going to buy one for her birthday. T-Fal is my mum’s favorite brand.
      I like the fact that this fryer can cook two different dishes at the same time.
      Fried chicken without oil? This is just perfect 🙂
      Thank you for sharing the information.

    7. James

      I’ve been looking for a quality air fryer for a while since my old one kicked the bucket. Totally go air fryers over regular as the grease and oil gets everywhere and stinks! Two in one is really useful as I have quite a small kitchen so don’t want to take up too much space. 

      Thanks for this review informative and well thought out, will totally look into this one! 

    8. Paul

      Hi, Ibrahim.

      I’m in the process of researching these air-fryers and your post has simplified this for me. I’m a big fan of french fries and I’d like to understand more about how this system works.

      Are there foods that cannot be cooked in the air-fryer?

      Are there foods that cannot be cooked together?


      • admin

        I honestly can’t find any foods that can’t be cooked in an air fryer that I’m aware of.  If you do it right, u can make rice, which surprised me!  I just saw a bunch of settings for other air fryers that allow you to bake, the game really has changed!

    9. Kat

      I could totally relate to your description of having to manage time when cooking meat, veggies and rice trying to get them to finish at the same time or deal with a half cold plate of food while the rest of it was warm! I really like the idea of being able to do more than one item at the same time. This seems incomprehensible, but it’s fabulous. It’s strange that this one isn’t dishwasher safe when there are others that are. I guess I could handle that, as it’s not the only in my kitchen that I have to hand wash. Thanks for sharing your perspectives and highlighting the relevant bits about this airfryer. 

    10. sherman

      right so here i am on your website viewing the cooker. At first glance i must say the impression last you’ve really broken down the information into bits and pieces. The best part for me is your uttering honesty especially when it pertains to where is was made. Brave move i’m taking a page from you book great stuff keep it up

    11. Gwendolyn J


      I have wanted an air fryer for nearly 5 years. The cost -and space consideration- have me still wanting. I have been dropping hints to all family members, but I think my best bet is Hubby.

      I would love to fry without oil or cook two items at once. What a time saver! Does this product have an alert when the food is done or does it run on a timer? Comparatively, do you recommend another manufacturer if the price of this one is prohibitive?

      Thanks for the info! I’ll be checking this one out on Amazon.

      Gwendolyn J

    12. Gwendolyn J


      I have wanted an air fryer for nearly 5 years. The cost -and space consideration- have me still wanting. I have been dropping hints to all family members, but I think my best bet is Hubby.

      I would love to fry without oil or cook two items at once. What a time saver! Does this product have an alert when the food is done or does it run on a timer? Comparatively, do you recommend another manufacturer if the price of this one is prohibitive?

      Thanks for the info! I’ll be checking this one out on Amazon.

      Gwendolyn J

    13. Emmanuel Buysse

      Great review and in my opinion, it isn’t better than the one I have now. I have a Phillips air fryer, it is dishwasher safe, also without oily needs, and it looks nice. I don’t know if the made in France is bad, since we also got stuff from there. Anyway, for people who wants an air fryer, it doesn’t seems to be a bad one, but again, in my opinion, there are better ones. Thanks for sharing. 

    14. Gomer

      I’m amazed by these new inventions and I’m thinking of replacing all the outdated equipment we’re using here in or home. It’s just that, like you said, I’m a little bit worried about its durability and possible lifespan. Have you checked on the label written on the box of what country it was manufactured? If it is from China, then it’s possible that the quality is not that good. I’m sorry for this remark, I got so many bad experiences with products coming from China.

      • admin

        Scroll all the way down and read The Ugly portion of my post.  It’s actually a French product 

    15. Gaurav Gaur

      Hi, Yamini.
      Thanks for sharing review on T-Fal Air Fryer aka Tefal Air Fryer.
      For me dishwasher safe feature is not important as compared with No Oil Cooking feature. Afterall its the matter of perfect health and anything which supports this cause will have my “YES”.
      Thanks for updating the features and I am earmarking it for my next purchase to gift my wife on her birthday. Awaiting for your receipies till then.
      Warm Regards,
      Gaurav Gaur


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