Why Is My Air Fryer Peeling

Why Is My Air Fryer Peeling

An air fryer is a major investment in your kitchen. In addition to the money you use to buy it, it helps speed up your cooking and to make your food healthier. It does this by ensuring that you use less cooking oil to cook. With an air fryer, you can quickly cook a variety of foods.

Unfortunately, one of the major problems you may face after a few uses of your air fryer is peeling. This is common and many air fryer owners always seek to know why their air fryers peel.

Why Is My Airfryer Peeling?

There are many causes of air fryer peeling. Washing with a rough sponge, cooking at high temperatures, the wrong placing of the basket in the air fryer, and using metal utensils such as spoons and forks are some of the reasons for peeling on your air fryer. Your air fryer will also peel depending on its quality.

Causes Of Peeling In Your Airfryer

Rough Washing Sponges

Air fryers are made of non-stick material. This makes sure that your food doesn’t stick on it as you cook. Making it easy and fast to wash your air fryer. There are specific washing sponges for non-stick pots. This is the washing sponge that you should use to wash your air fryers.

Using a rough metal sponge to wash your air fryer will be a major cause for it to peel. Scrubbing your air fryer with a rough sponge will peel off the non-stick layer. This means that when you now use your air fryer to cook, your food will stick.

Cooking At High Temperatures

This is another reason for your air fryer to peel. When you cook with your air fryer, make sure to limit your cooking temperatures. The non-stick material on your air fryer is known as Teflon. Continuous cooking at high temperatures causes Teflon to peel off.

Further, high cooking temperatures lead to air bubbles getting trapped under the layer of Teflon. When the temperature changes drastically after you’re done cooking, the air bubble may cause peeling to occur.

Control your cooking temperatures to make sure that your air fryer serves you for a long time before it starts to peel.

Using Metal Tools

When you buy an air fryer, make sure to also buy wooden spoons to use with it. Wooden spoons are the recommended tools to use on an air fryer. Wooden spoons can’t scratch off the Teflon as metal spoons would. Thus, using metal spoons on your air fryer will cause it to peel.

You should use plastic or wooden spoons on your air fryer.

Quality Of The Airfryer

Air fryers are expensive kitchen appliances. As such, you can find a variety of air fryers ranging from relatively affordable to expensive. Most times, the lower the price the lower the quality. Poor quality products wear easily. Even when you follow all the proper care techniques advised.

If you buy an air fryer because it was lowly priced, be prepared to use it for a few months before it starts peeling. The better the quality of the product, the longer you will use it before it starts peeling.

Poor Handling

When using an air fryer, make sure that everything is where it is supposed to be. Make sure that you place the basket correctly in the air fryer. Placing it incorrectly may lead to peeling.

Tips On How You Can Prevent Your Airfryer from Peeling

  1. Wash thoroughly after every use.

This is the most important maintenance tip for all your kitchen appliances. While washing your air fryer, make sure to use a soft sponge to wash it. Soak it in warm water or vinegar for any sticky food materials to loosen and avoid scrubbing with rough washing sponges that could cause peeling.

  1. Apply a layer of oil around your air fryer before cooking.

This will help to ensure that the food you are cooking doesn’t stick on the air fryer. Making it easier to wash and thus preventing peeling from occurring.

  1. Use parchment paper

Instead of applying oil, you can also use parchment paper to protect the non-stick layer of the air fryer from coming into contact with the food.

  1. Cook under proper temperatures

Do not cook food that requires high temperatures to prepare with your air fryer. Teflon is broken down by temperatures of about 500 degrees. It is not possible to cook at this temperature while at home. However, continuous cooking under high temperatures may cause a bubble of air to get trapped under the Teflon and cause peeling.

  1. Assess your air fryer before cooking

Check out your air fryer thoroughly before cooking. Make sure that you have placed the basket in the right position and that everything is working properly.

  1. Read the user manual

This is an integral step in ensuring that your air fryer is durable. It will give you tips on how to use it properly and how to take care of it for a longer life. Also, it will let you know the recommended foods to cook with it.

  1. Proper handling of the air fryer

Always clean your air fryer after every use. Use a soft sponge to wash it and also soak it in warm water for fifteen minutes before washing to loosen the sticky food items. When you are done with your air fryer, always store it in an upright position. Remember to unplug it from power when not in use.

  1. Return

If your air fryer is in warranty, you can always return it and exchange it for a long-lasting air fryer.

  1. Buy high-quality air fryers

This ensures that the air fryer you buy is long-lasting and properly manufactured. Reputable manufacturers have a brand name to protect. As such, avoid generic air fryers that are likely to start peeling within a few months of use.

 How Do I Stop Food From Sticking On My Airfryer

One of the factors that cause air fryers to peel is food sticking on their non-stick surface. When this happens, you may be tempted to wash it with an abrasive sponge to remove the stuck food particles. This will then further promote peeling.

To stop this vicious air fryer peeling cycle, here are some tips on how to make sure that the food you cook doesn’t stick on the fryer.

First, read the manual to find out the types of food recommended by the manufacturer to cook in the air fryer. Make sure that these are the only foods you cook in it. This ensures that the food cooked doesn’t stick and it is easier to wash the air fryer.

Second, you can apply a layer of pure oil to your air fryer basket before you start cooking. This protects the Teflon non-stick material from high cooking temperatures and helps keep your food from sticking to the fryer.

Third, cook at low temperatures. High cooking temperatures may cause your food to cook quickly, make it hard and crispy, and cause it to stick on the air fryer. Exposing your air fryer to high temperatures when cooking also destroys the integrity of the non-stick material and leads to peeling.


When buying an air fryer, you do so to reduce the amount of time you spend in the kitchen as it is cooks fast. You also buy an air fryer to make an investment in healthy eating for a healthy body. Because using an air fryer to cook requires little oil. Thus, you eat healthier food every day.

Always buy high-quality air fryers for your kitchen. This will help you avoid the stress of seeing your kitchen appliance peel after a few uses. Also, learn how to handle and maintain your air fryer in good condition to avoid peeling.

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